Álvaro Junio Pereira Franco

Doutorado em Ciência da Computação, 2013
Universidade de São Paulo
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística
Professor Adjunto A1 - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Departamento de Informática e Estatística
Scientific Computing Lab
INE-UFSC ➞ sala 411
Tel.: (+55) 48 3721-7548
Horário 2019 - segundo semestre

Research interests

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Technical report

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Windowing Query is a library to find lines in windows.

Kinhsip Machine is a tool used to find rings in kinship networks.
You can download the Kinship Machine (Version 1.0): Classroom Assignment - UFSC is a tool to assign courses to classrooms (access only for UFSC members).
Join work with Gabriel A. Domene and Gabriel E. de Oliveira


Álvaro Junio Pereira Franco
Sala 411 INE-UFSC
e-mail: first_name dot second_name at ufsc dot br

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