I am advising students in the Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGCC) and in the Undergraduate Program in Computer Science (CCO) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). If you are interested in working with me, please check my research interests and contact me to schedule a meeting.

Below is a list of the students currently working with me and former students. For more information concerning their research activities please see their CVs.

Current Students

Master's Students

Emmanuel Podestá Junior
Research subject: Communication optimizations on NoC-based low-power manycore processors
CV: Lattes
Vinicius Marino Calvo Torres de Freitas
Research subject: Communication-aware load balancing on distributed platforms
CV: Lattes

Undergraduate Students

David Ordine
Research subject: Benchmarks for NoC-based low-power manycore processors
CV: Lattes
Fernando Jorge Mota
Research subject: Distributed systems and operating systems
CV: Lattes
João Fellipe Uller
Research subject: Inter-Cluster communication on NoC-based low-power manycore processors
João Vicente Souto
Research subject: Nanvix microkernel port for MPPA-256 low-power manycore processor
CV: Lattes
Vanderlei Munhoz Pereira Filho
Research subject: High performance environment for a IBM programming contest
CV: Linkedin

Former Students

Master's Students

Undergratuate Students