Federal University of Santa Catarina

Remote Experiment Lab

To use Remote Experiment Lab, do as follows:

  1. Download Re-Lab-Client and assembler package.
  2. Write your assembly code for 8051 microcontroller in any text editor (MS-DOS).
  3. Before your code , put these lines:

    ORG 8000H

  4. After your code , put these lines:


  5. Save the file with an ASM extension (Example: test.asm).
  6. Run batch file C51.BAT (offered for downloading - see item #1), passing the name of your file (with no extension) as parameter (Example: C51 test).
  7. Run Re-Lab-Client
  8. Establish Connection.
  9. Load your code file.
  10. Send it to the server.
  11. Ok, you can see the results!

For more information, see the file READ-ME.TXT that comes with assembler package.

Attention: Here some IP and Ports actually disponibles for connections:

IP: Port: 5999

IP: Port: 6000

IP: Port: 6001

IP: Port: 6002


Conclusion and another experiments

Last updated in 12/09/99
For more information or comments contact cleber@inf.ufsc.br or mw@furb.rct-sc.br