Federal University of Santa Catarina

Remote Experiment Lab
First Project

Experiments with 8051 microcontroler.
Our first project has the objective of introducing remote experimentation, offering to students the opportunity to run a assembly code for 8051 microcontroller. Thus, it is an auxiliary lab for teaching microcontrollers, a very important subject nowadays in areas like Electric/Electronic Engeneering, Production Engeneering and Computing Science.

The Remote Experiment Lab (ReLab) is composed of:

  1. a board containing 8051 microcontroller and another devices, allowing communication between the microcontroller and the server;
  2. a software server (Re-Lab-Server), which receives information from the client (Re-Lab-Client), take it to the microntroller and take the results back to the client;
  3. a software client (Re-Lab-Client), which loads user's machine code, sends it to the server (Re-Lab-Server) to be run and gets the answers chosen by the user;

    Screen of Re-Lab-Client:

  4. this site, which explains how to use the system and permits downloading Re-Lab-Client .

When studying 8051 microcontroller, the user can, with Re-Lab-Client, establish connection with Re-Lab-Server, load the code to be tested and send it to the Server. The Server will send the code to the microcontroller, which runs it. The user can, then, see the results ( almost all of the registers and internal memory positions from 32 to 127 ).

Remote Experiment Lab, therefore, is a useful tool that allows students to make real experiments with 8051 microcontroller. Different from a simulation, where a unforeseen situation can occur, Re-Lab offers real results.

Last updated in 12/09/99
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