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Remote Experiment Lab
New Perspectives

Internet has been a very important resource to academics in the last years. In order to extend the ways in which people utilize it, The Remote Experiment Lab is an educational resource that allows students to collect information from real world, using the Internet. This brings in the new concept of Remote Experimentation, which is an extension of remote access and, unlike it, allows interactions with physical world. These interactions are controlled by the remote computer (server).

The Remote Experiment Lab is, therefore, a combined system of a computer (server) and external devices that allow users to control anything connected to the computer, just as the user were in the system's place. To the server can be connected several types of systems and/or instruments like osciloscopes, multimeters and function generators. The remote user, when connected to the server, can control any of the devices.

The principal benefits of a remote experiment lab in academics are:

Moreover, the development of this technology will permit, in a near future, new Internet possibilities: The above possibilites justify the implantation of our first project of a Remote Experiment Lab

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