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WEKA for Moving Object Data Analysis and Mining (Weka-STPM)

This is an extended version of Weka to support automatic trajectory data preprocessing to add semantic information to raw trajectory data for analysis and mining. This version implements the method IB-SMOT (ACMGIS 2007) and the method CB-SMOT (ACMSAC 2008).

Download Weka-STPM (Weka with the module Weka_STPM).      Here is the source code.

For more information read:

Weka-STPM: from trajectory samples to semantic trajectories. In: Workshop de Software Livre (WSL 2010), Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 22-23, (2010).

A framework for Trajectory Preprocessing for Data Mining. In: Proc. of the 21st International Symposium on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, (SEKE'09), Boston, 1-3 July 2009.


WEKA for Geographic Data (Weka-GDPM)

Download Weka-GDPM (Weka with the module Weka_GDPM)

This is an extended version of Weka to support automatic geographic data preprocessing for spatial data mining.

**NEW** Now supporting **PostgreSQL/PostGIS ** and ** Oracle** .

Installation: download and unzip Weka-3-4.zip. To execute: double-click on RunWeka.bat.

For more information read:

Weka-GDPM: Integrating Classical Data Mining Toolkit to Geographic Information Systems. In: SBBD Workshop on Data Mining Algorithms and Aplications(WAAMD'06), Florianopolis, Brazil, October 16-20, (2006). pp.9-16.

Extending the Weka Data Mining Toolkit to support Geographic Data Preprocessing. Instituto de Informatica - UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Technical Report RP-354 (2006). 26p.