Here you can see what are my areas of interest and my current projects.

Areas of Interest

  • Distributed Systems: Distributed Information Search
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Mobile Agents: Determination of Itinerary considering Time Restrictions
  • Real-Time Systems

Current Projects

CNPq - Abys: Systems Tolerant to Autonomic Byzantine Faults
Status: Coordinator

Description: The paradigm of Cloud Computing has been asserting itself as a suitable model to provide the most diverse computing and storage services through the internet. This project aims to combine two central facets in cloud computing: the elasticity, and the need to delegate tasks to computing infrastructures that are not under the full control of the end user. This project aims to study, develop and evaluate techniques that allow the development of systems that are tolerant to Byzantine Faults that are autonomous, that is, that have the capacity to adapt elastically to changes in the operating envelope. Although significant work already exists in each of these areas in isolation, combining these two aspects raises significant research challenges, since dynamic adaptation can introduce new vulnerabilities in the system that can be exploited by an attacker. This means that most systems nowadays are either elastic but insecure or safe but inelastic. Thus, techniques that preserve the quality of elasticity without compromising the robustness of the system need to be developed.
Project: 401364/2014-3. Science without Borders Program.

CNPq - ITSmartGrid - Mechanisms and Protocols for Intrusion Tolerance in Smart Grids
Status: Member

Description: This project aims at proposing mechanisms for protection, security and intrusion tolerance for the essential elements that are present in the computer systems that make up the critical infrastructure of a smart grids. In more specific terms, it is interesting to develop new approaches to increase security, resiliency and intrusion tolerance for the smart grid, by proposing a computational system architecture, since the events that culminated in recent times have shown that the level of protection currently used on critical infrastructures is not enough, mainly due to the great impact that failures, not only accidental but also malicious ones have on the smart grid.
Project: 455303/2014-2.

Past Projects

CAPES / CNPq - LEAD Clouds: Large Efficient And Dependable Clouds
Status: Member

Description: Cloud computing is a current approach to providing computing, networking, and storage resources over the internet. The project will investigate and design efficient and stable intrusion-tolerant intra-cloud replication protocols and show how they can be used to deliver a resilient coordination service. The main challenge is to achieve stability by avoiding the potential for multicast storms and the tendency for load fluctuations of the current protocols, while achieving good performance (low latency, high throughput).
Project: 400511/2013-4.

HAM: Heuristics for the Dynamic Determination of Mobile Agents Itinerary with Deadline Firm
Status: Coordinator

Description: The general objective in this work plan is the study involving the use of imprecise computation and conditional probability for the dynamic determination of the itinerary of mobile agents with temporal restrictions in distributed applications. Where algorithms / heuristics will be developed that will enable the mobile agent to calculate their route in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for each mission. Each mobile agent receives a set of tasks that must be met while respecting a firm deadline, this set of tasks is titled as the agent's mission.
Project: 014/2008 Universal

CNPq - AAMIN: Aplicação de Agentes Móveis INteligentes na Busca e Recuperação de Informação
Status: Coordinator

Description: This proposal addresses the use of code mobility together with the fulfillment of temporal requirements of tasks in a distributed system. The objective of this project is the development of new solutions (heuristics) for the search of distributed information. The algorithms to be proposed should present adaptive characteristics regarding the determination of the itinerary of the mobile agent always respecting the temporal question. Agent decision making will be done dynamically (not just at the beginning of the agent's mission).
Project: 559993/2010-2 PDI.