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In the 80's, the american enterprise Intel Corporation introduced an 8-bit microcontroller, which would become one of the most popular ever made, the 8051. With this device, Intel aimed to reduce the hardware and cost of a dedicated system. However, to develop a system with 8051 you needed to use machine code or an Assembler or Compiler and even other devices, such as an EPROM emulator and EPROM programmer. With the introduction of 8052-BASIC, which is an 8052 (8051 family member) with a BASIC interpreter embedded, programming bacame much easier, mainly to those who know a BASIC language for any microprocessor.

With BASIC-52, you can use any computer with a serial port as a host system for writing, uploading, running, debugging, and storing programs as you develop a project. When project development is complete, you can disconnect the host computer, and the 8052-BASIC will run your program automatically on bootup. You can also use an 8052-BASIC circuit as a development system for uploading and debugging assembled or compiled programs. As a member of the 8051 microcontroller family, the 8052-BASIC uses a standard, popular architecture. For more information about BASIC-52, see JAN AXELSON's page, where you will find three on-line chapters of the excellent The Microcontroller Idea Book (PDF format). For more information about BASIC-52 products, see MDL page.

This project allows experiments with BASIC-52, in order to let users know more about it before deciding which system to use. The enterprise WF AUTOMAÇÃO, which makes SUPRABASIC, an 8052-BASIC'developement system, kindly presented us with a board to be used in this project.

Using Bas52Rem

To use Bas52Rem you need to dowload the Client/Terminal software, which will allow comunication with the system. For now, we only have Version 1.0 for Windows 3.1X or Windows 95 (if you like, download a zipped version).

WARNING: when the connection is established, press the SPACE key

Have a good time with remote BASIC-52. We would be very greatfull if you would send us an e-mail telling us about your experience in using it.

Last updated in 26/08/97
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