Research projects:

 MAIDAM in IoT/Fog/Cloud – Mutual Authentication, Intrusion Detection and Autonomic Management in IoT/Fog/Cloud Environments  


 AutoManSec 4 CloudIoT – Autonomic Management and Security for Cloud and IoT


Some results:

A Formal Verification of a Reputation Multi-Factor Authentication Mechanism for Constrained Devices and Low-Power Wide-Area Network Using Temporal Logic


DNNET-Ensemble approach to detecting and identifying attacks in IoT environments


Intrusion detection with Machine Learning in Internet of Things and Fog Computing: problems, solutions and research


Intrusion detection and prevention in fog based IoT environments: A systematic literature review


Two-step ensemble approach for intrusion detection and identification in IoT and fog computing environments


Autonomic energy management with Fog Computing


Mutual authentication with multi-factor in IoT-Fog-Cloud environment


Hybrid approach to intrusion detection in fog-based IoT environments


Autonomic Intrusion Detection and Response Using Big Data


Order@Cloud: An agnostic meta‐heuristic for VM provisioning, adaptation, and organisation


Mutual Authentication for IoT in the Context of Fog Computing


Privacy Policies Model in Access Control


Cloud identity management: a survey on privacy strategies 


Improving cloud computing virtual machines balancing through hosts and virtual machines similarities 


Preserving Privacy with Fine-grained Authorization in an Identity Management System 


A Framework and Risk Assessment Approaches for Risk-based Access Control in the Cloud 


Order@Cloud: A VM Organisation Framework Based on Multi-Objectives Placement Ranking


A Model for Managed Elements under Autonomic Cloud Computing Management


A distributed autonomic management framework for cloud computing orchestration


RACLOUDS – Model for Clouds Risk Analysis in the Information Assets Context


Cloud resource management: a survey on forecasting and profiling models 


Legacy Network Infrastructure Management Model for Green Cloud Validated Through Simulations


Operation, Management, Security and Sustainability for Cloud Computing 


Green Clouds through Servers, Virtual Machines and Network Infrastructure Management 


– “Provisioning, Resource Allocation, and DVFS in Green Clouds


– “Environment, Services and Network Management for Green Clouds


– ”Toward an Architecture for Monitoring Private Clouds” 


– “Intrusion Detection for Grid and Cloud Computing”