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Remote Experiment Lab - ForthRem

Screen of the software Client/Terminal of remote Forth

Forth is a powerful language for developing embedded systems. Increasing our Remote Experiment Lab project, the INE/CTC/UFSC's RemoteLab group introduces ForthRem , a lab which allows real experiments (it isn't a simulator) with Camel Forth. Camel Forth is a Forth interpreter for 8051 family of microcontrollers, written by Bradford J. Rodriguez.

For more information about Forth, see Forth Interest Group (FIG) page.

WARNING : if you are interested in making use of our Remote Experiment Lab, send an e-mail to listproc@inf.ufsc.br, with the following request:
subscribe lab_remoto-l YOUR FULL NAME
in order to make possible to us let you know about any news.

João Bosco da Mota Alves, DSc (Professor - INE/CTC/UFSC)


Luís Cléber C. Marques
(Graduate Student - CPGCC; Teacher - ETFPel)

Miguel Wisintainer
(Graduate Student - CPGCC; Teacher - FURB)

Marcelo Moraes de Almeida
(Researcher - UFSC/EMC/LABSOLDA)

Rivalino Matias Júnior
(Professor - UNOESC)

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Professor João Bosco da Mota Alves (jbosco@inf.ufsc.br)
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
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88.049-970 - Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brasil

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November 1997
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