Cyberethic, Ethic, Cybernethic

Ethic, Cybernethic and Cyberethic, a little reflection about.

There is a sense to discuss about Ethic over the follow situation.

About one time ago, this home page was invaded by an anonymous without scrupulous.

It is indicated, to me, that it is something very important to be learned about.

It is true that my cyberspace was, on this time, completely unprotected. So, after this occurrence, I had to heard some commentaries as : " The world is like this. It is to you to protect yourself , and so on".

But, following my self abstraction of the world, I asked a very simple-essential question. " Why each one of us must protect ourselves, and from what, and from who? Why, nowadays, several kinds of isolation are needed"?

But, on the other hand, some students came to help advising me of this occurrence-invasion or helping me to build this home page. I thank them for their help.

Now that it is here a content from my self proposition, I hope you can profit it.

I conclude, looking for the several members that played some role on this case, that all members, involved on this affair, have, themselves, potentialities that can be applied on several ways. It is only an individual choice.

So I pray all of you to sorry for this invasion on this personal cyberspace.

Like is wrote on the following standard sentence, that, recently, people, around the world, sent to International Amnesty:

" I support the rights and freedoms in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all the people, everywhere".

An it can be added: " That īs all I want for everyone and for myself".

Enjoy this space.