Apoio ao Uso do GNU-Emacs e do XEmacs

Pessoal, aqui vão alguns links úteis para quem quer usar o Emacs ou Xemacs, além de tutoriais e manuais de referência para o compilador GCC e para o debugador GDB.

Na medida do possível, eu vou escrever comentários aos tutoriais abaixo, incluir outros e excluir os que forem de pouca utilidade ou mal escritos. Quem quiser pode me mandar um mail dando sua opinião ou experiência com o uso desses tutoriais, que será bem vindo...

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Emacs Padrão (GNU Emacs)

Getting started with GNU EMACS by Peter Lemkin (IPS/LMMB/NCI/FCRDC) and Kyle Upton (PRI/FCRDC)

GNU-Emacs Manual: This manual documents the use and simple customization of the Emacs editor. The reader is not expected to be a programmer. Even simple customizations do not require programming skill, but the user who is not interested in customizing can ignore the scattered customization hints.

Emacs Tutorial - This tutorial descends from a long line of Emacs tutorials starting with the one written by Stuart Cracraft for the original Emacs. Copyright (c) 1985 Free Software Foundation .

The Free Software Foundation's version of Emacs (called FSF Emacs in this manual and often referred to as GNU Emacs) is available by anonymous FTP from `prep.ai.mit.edu'.


XEmacs Reference Manual - This document is primarily a reference manual, but it can also be used as a primer. However, if you are new to XEmacs, consider using the on-line, learn-by-doing tutorial, which you get by running XEmacs and typing C-h t. With it, you learn XEmacs by using XEmacs on a specially designed file which describes commands, tells you when to try them, and then explains the results you see. Using the tutorial gives a more vivid introduction than the printed manual. Also consider reading the XEmacs New User's Guide, which is intended specifically as an introductory manual rather than as a reference guide.

XEmacs para MS-Windows:  Win-Emacs, an older version of XEmacs that runs on Microsoft Windows and Windows NT, is available by anonymous FTP from `ftp.netcom.com' in the directory `/pub/pe/pearl', or from `ftp.cica.indiana.edu' as the files `wemdemo*.zip' in the directory `/pub/pc/win3/demo'. Em breve teremos uma versão também no nosso servidor ftp do INE!

XEmacs para Unix e Linux: The easiest way to get a copy of XEmacs is from someone else who has it. You need not ask for permission to do so, or tell any one else; just copy it.

If you have access to the Internet, you can get the latest version of XEmacs from the anonymous FTP server `ftp.cs.uiuc.edu' in the directory `/pub/xemacs'. It can also be found at numerous other archive sites around the world; check the file `etc/DISTRIB' in an XEmacs distribution for the latest known list.

Download Xemacs para Linux:

Tutoriais mais gerais

UNIX and EMACS Tutorial - This guide is an introduction to using the computer network provided by the University of New Orleans Department of Computer Science.

Tutoriais em GCC/GDB

gcc Gnu C compiler manual - Using and Porting GNU CC

gdb Gnu debugger manual - Debugging with GDB, The GNU Source-Level Debugger, Edition 4.09, for GDB version , April 1993, by Richard M. Stallman and Roland H. Pesch

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