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The Lusiads in GNU Typist

Adiel Mittmann
2008-10-04 15:39

I often use GNU Typist when I'm learning a new keyboard layout. I don't really follow through its lessons, but I find it a good tool to practice touch-typing, and you can also find out how well and how fast you're typing.

Currently I am learning the so-called Brazilian native layout, which was developed with the same principles as the Dvorak layout, but with Brazilians in mind. I wanted to practice typing something in Portuguese, so I converted the whole book The Lusiads, written by the Portuguese poet Luís de Camões to GNU Typist lessons.

I used the text available from Gutenberg, manually extracted each of the cantos and used a script to convert them to the GNU Typist format.

Locale problem

Currently, GNU Typist doesn't work with UTF-8, so lessons are stored in ISO-8859-1. Therefore, don't forget to run GNU Typist under a suitable locale. This should work:

$ LC_ALL=en_US.ISO-8859-1 \
xterm -e gtypist gtypist/canto01.typ


Menu of stanzas of canto 1.Typing results.
Menu of stanzas of canto 1.Typing results.


Here's the whole package, with the original text, the script and the GNU Typist lessons: lusiadas-gtypist.tar.gz.